Mesothelioma Claims Compensation

Mesothelioma claims compensation includes the receipt of payment obtained as a result of an out-of court mesothelioma compensation settlement, the result of an individual Mesothelioma claims compensation verdict (involving compensation received at the end of a court trial), the result of a verdict obtained in the context of a Mesothelioma Class Action litigation verdict, or the result of a subsequent appeal of either an individual Mesothelioma claims compensation verdict or a Class Action Mesothelioma compensation verdict.

While data associated with out of court settlements is fragmented at best, it is commonly believed that the average out of court Mesothelioma Compensation settlement exceeds $1,000,000 USD. Conversely, individual Mesothelioma Compensation Verdicts often extend from $2,000,000 USD to up to $20,000,000 USD, (based upon recent case histories). In addition, there has also been Mesothelioma Compensation verdicts (resulting from class actions or government actions) which have extended to verdicts exceeding $700,000,000 USD.

Highlights of recent cases where Mesothelioma victims received favorable settlements or verdicts, include, but are not limited to:

  • $20,500,000 was awarded to a Northern California man who contracted Mesothelioma;
  • $20,000,000 was awarded to a 42 year-old Southern Californian woman exposed to asbestos-filled flooring over an eighteen year period;
  • $18,000,000 was awarded to a 30-year career laborer at a copper smelter, including $3,000,000 in compensatory damages and $15,000,000 in punitive damages;
  • $17,035,000 was awarded to seven foundry workers who developed Asbestosis as a result of their exposure to asbestos at the foundry where they worked;
  • $11,500,000 was awarded to a Northern California man as a result of Asbestos exposure leading to Mesothelioma, including compensation of $500,000 for economic losses, and $6,000,000 for pain and suffering. In addition, another family member was awarded $5,000,000 for the loss of consortium and companionship caused by Mesothelioma;
  • $9,035,000 was awarded to a longshoreman and an employee of the defendant company who were exposed to asbestos-containing products;
  • $6,500,000 was awarded a Northern California woman because of Mesothelioma caused by childhood exposure to Asbestos from her parents clothing;
  • $6,300,000 was awarded a custodian exposed to asbestos-containing products during the remodeling of school buildings;
  • $4,200,000 was awarded to a man exposed to Asbestos while serving in the Navy;
  • $3,500,000 was awarded a Tulsa, Oklahoma mechanic exposed to fireproofing spray on the job between 1970 and 1972. He developed mesothelioma as a result of his exposure to asbestos;
  • $2,000,000 was awarded to a 69 year old man diagnosed with Asbestosis as a result of his exposure as a self-employed contractor exposed to Asbestos joint compound products;

In summary, Mesothelioma claim compensation pay outs resulting from recent individual or class action Mesothelioma settlements or Mesothelioma awards indicates an increasingly favorable bias towards Plaintiffs in a number of court venues located in a variety of geographic locations. Thus, the importance of Mesothelioma Plaintiff’s taking care in terms of the selection of counsel (among a robust market for mesothelioma lawyers and mesothelioma law firms), and especially for the best appropriate venue available for case filing.

Mesothelioma Claims Compensation Disclaimer:

The purpose of the Mesothelioma claims compensation, Settlements and Awards page is to provide you useful information and access to Mesothelioma claims compensation resources, as opposed to individual medical or legal advice. These pages have not been prepared by lawyers and should not be taken as a substitute for advice from a legal or medical professional. Mesothelioma victims are encouraged to consult medical or legal professionals.