Mesothelioma Class Action Lawsuits

Mesothelioma Class Action lawsuits became possible following the landmark ruling held against The Johns Manville Corporation obtained in August 1982 following the individual claim awards obtained by James Cavett for a (then) record amount $2.3 million as a compensatory award, plus a $1.5 million in punitive damage award. The Cavett verdict opened the Mesothelioma Class Action Litigation floodgates.

Since this point in time, a number of Mesothelioma Class Action lawsuits have been filed against shipbuilders, mining companies, construction companies and manufacturing companies of many types. Some of the largest asbestos manufacturers in the United States have been joined in significant litigation which ultimately led to the bankruptcy reorganizations of well known firms such as the Manville Corporation, National Gypsum, Standard Insulation, Unarco, Amatex, Carey-Canada, Celotex, Forty-Eight Insulations, UNR Industries and Eagle-Picher Industries.

However, noting the potential for frivolous lawsuits and to otherwise safeguard companies unfairly targeted with Mesothelioma Class Action lawsuits, Congress created two statutes which are now known as the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and the Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act (SLUSA). These statutes were both passed in 1998, and have been a locus for bringing Mesothelioma Class Action lawsuits to the Federal Courts.

Pursuant to these statutes, once a Mesothelioma lawsuit has been properly filed in the Federal Courts, it is legally permitted for the person filing the case to allow others so affected to join the lawsuit, in order to have the unified power to fight one or more corporations. This activity would require a Federal Judge to approve the conversion to a Mesothelioma Class Action law suit, as well as the number of people included in the case, the similarity with the original filing, the ability to settle similar cases sand other factors.

Of note, one of the first Mesothelioma class action lawsuits litigated to fruition in 1995 yielded $700,000,000 in compensation to the plaintiffs, and since this time, over 750,000 individual claimants have joined various Mesothelioma Class Action lawsuits. Clearly, the need to seek out competent legal counsel for representation either individually, or by way of joining a Mesothelioma Class Action law suit, has never been greater.

In order to evaluate the potential of either joining a Mesothelioma Class Action lawsuit, verses filing an individual claim, one should first secure a competent Mesothelioma attorney or Mesothelioma law firm, to determine the relative merits of pursuing such a course. Of note, participation in a Mesothelioma Class Action lawsuit will offer less direct involvement and/or financial resources, with the trade off being a loss of control over your individual claim/case and/or potential for claim payout. Mesothelioma Class Action lawsuits are therefore best reviewed in with the assistance of a the best Mesothelioma attorney or Mesothelioma law firm available to you.

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